100% Natural: Skin Rejuvenation Juice

Welcome everybody to the new section of Garoda Beach: 100% Natural. This new part is dedicated to the health and natural remedies. In each infographic you’ll find usefull tips and tricks on how depurate your body with special detox drinks, or tips on how to use spices or herbs to have health benefits, or just informations about medical plants typical of Kenya. Let’s start with a Detox Drink for Skin Rejuvenation!

This Detox Drink is as simple as tasty! We just need half Cantaloupe, 4 Carrots and 1 Large Mango and 1 Cup of Water.
Peel the carrots, remove the rind and the seeds from the cantaloupe, peel the mango and remove the seed. Put everything in a blender with half to a cup of water and puree until it will be smooth.

Why we chose these ingredients? Carrots, Mango and Cantaloupe are rich in Vitamin A, that helps you to maintain a healthy and young skin. This is not the only benefit of Vitamin A. It also boosts your body defences in case of lung infections, is used in the treatment of acne and it is the primary element for the regular function of the retina.

The Skin Rejuvenation Drink is available at Kobe Suite Resort. Come discover all the 100%Natural drinks we have to propose you, each one will give benefits to your body and to your health!


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