Home Remedy for Preventing Sunburns

Here we are with a new appointment of our section 100% Natural. Today we are going to tell you a trick on how preventing sunburns with a natural home remedy.

Neem is one of the most healthy plant for human being. It helps, for example, in the cure of malaria and, sometimes, it is even used for cardiac arrhythmia.

Today we’d like to give you another use of Neem: Preventing Sunburns!

Neem Oil, in fact, is a effective sun blocker that protect your skin from sunburns. If you add some drops to a mild oil (for example the sesame oil) and you apply it on your kin before to have sunbaths, it will protect your skin from sunrays that could burn it.

So…don’t forget your Neem Oil next time you are going to come to Garoda Beach!

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